Friday, June 22, 2012

Kids Craft Idea: Button Craft

Here's something else you can do with your buttons...

My children love textiles, and this is a great alternative to collage using textiles, buttons and handmade op shop finds. We used a crafters ring to create a canvas and then glued all our materials onto it. Let it dry and it is ready to hang.

Friday Love

Today I am grateful for...

Toilet paper
A cheeky baby
Op shops
Buttons and doilies
A new ride!!!
New homeschool friends
Sunday cook ups, I did a big cook up on Sunday and we are still benefiting from all the meals I made
Paint. Just putting a new coat of paint on something makes me feel great, yeah just short of painting a masterpiece!
Having my husband home early... time to finally clean the house
Tying up loose ends

I hope your week has been great too. X

Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Love

Today I am grateful for...
Tea parties
making cubbies
long walks
sleeping babies

Monday, June 4, 2012

Kids Craft Idea: Beading with Buttons

It might sound boring to us adults but beading with buttons can be quite exciting for kids. There is so much value in sorting through different shaped and coloured and textured buttons. There is the excitement of finding treasured gold buttons, or the rare beautiful pearl button or the collecting of matching buttons.  
 It can be tricky for little fingers, so great for practicing fine motor skills.
 And a final product as individual as the child who made it.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Friday Love

Today I am grateful for...

All the lessons learned this week
The lovely rain
Heaters and ugg boots and the layers of blankets that kept us warm
A crawly baby to keep me on my toes and always make heart skip a beat with the sheer cuteness of him
Poppy who learnt her that all her hard work paid off when she went and bought her play makeup table with the money she earned doing jobs around the house, (a lot of lessons learned here)
the kindness of strangers
My husband who did so much kid wrangling to give me a break even when he has been so short on time and breaks himself
The spaghetti he made at 6:00 in the morning so I wouldn't have to
Despite the hours spent sitting by the toilet and the piles of washing, the progress Ruby has made toilet training
Potato stamps, play dough and collage
A good book to read
Wine and chocolate to relax after a long week.