Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Love

Today I am grateful for...
*all the help I can get, my hard-working hubby who always thinks of me and gives me time to be alone and recharge... sew.
*no one drawing attention to the 3 or 4 baskets of washing waiting to be folded for the last week.
*play dates and park meets with so many kids this week, new friends and old.
*the school holidays, time to escape again.
*the mornings a spent drawing and painting with my girls this week.
*the generosity of others, I feel so blessed when others give so freely of themselves, I only hope I can do the same.
*my big girl Poppy who became a real encourager this week
*my little Ruby who completed her potty chart today and is now officially trained
*my baby boy Angus who learned to dance this week - heart melts every time!
I am a lucky girl indeed!
I hope you have all had a lovely Friday and have a fantastic Easter break. x

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kids Craft Idea: Put Your foot In It

We had quite a bit of rain last week and that left us stuck in the house. We ventured downstairs to get creative and we ended up painting with our feet. It was great, the girls got a bit more energy out and got to get very messy as well as creative. We had some large cardboard boxes that we opened up and spread them out on the garage floor. No crazy rock and roll music or drip painting like Pollock but the girls had plenty of fun.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Love

Friday, you have not been kind to me... I've had a shocker so the love is gonna have to wait until tomorrow when I have some perspective! ....back to my wine and chocolate and tacky romcom. blah

Today I am grateful for
*A good sleep in and a level head to look back at my week with gratitude 
*These little cuties that I shared my week with
*Little Dragon music
*A Night out on the town with my man (he had to tackle me to get back in the car to go home)!
*Our wonderful babysitters

Monday, March 12, 2012

Matching Skirts

1/2 a meter of fabric, 2 meters of binding, 1 meter of elastic and 1 hour later... two cute skirts for my two little girls.

When the girls came home from their morning walk I surprised them with these matching skirts and they were very excited. I wonder how long I can sew for them and get this reaction? I was super excited because of said reaction and because the skirts cost around $4 each and was so quick and simple o make. Love it.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Love

Today I am grateful for...

*Good mates to share the day with
*Three sleepy angels on the drive home
*Health after two days of feeling rotten
*The help of my mum so I could spend a whole day in bed yesterday!
*Two little girls, learning to look after one another... Playing doctors (we have seen a few lately)
*Our lovely new guinea pig additions to our family, Mike and Knight. For the first time in a long time,  there are now more boys than girls in our household.
*Sleep after such a busy week

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kids Craft Idea: Spaghetti Painting

Want to do some painting with the kids? Mix it up today with a sensory twist.

 Instead of paint brushes use spaghetti! This was a cool way to paint and the kids loved it. A little too much at times. The pasta was warm and they made a meal out of it before getting their pasta in the paint... or what remained.

Once again, we had a ball and got very messy indeed. So that's dinner and craft in one! Yay! Now I'm wondering what else we can eat and craft with... Any ideas?