Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fold Up Art Folio

I've seen it done before with pencils and knitting needles and paintbrushes, but I thought I'd attempt my own variation with a small A2 Art book and a pocket for pencils and paper clippings. I've always had these books lying around for jotting down ideas and sketching but pretty soon they get covered in pretty scribbles and glitter during my kid's own craft adventures. This project would also be a great gift idea for the budding artist and children alike.

I used leftover upholstery material and two A4 sized pieces of felt. A little extra material for the inside pocket, binding to cover edges and a button.

Sewing the two pieces of felt together at the width and then folding one in half to make a pocket for the book, I then traced around this to get the size for the front piece of material. After attaching the pocket about 3 cm from the pocket to allow for the ring binding I attached the hemmed pocket, sewing one straight line down one side to fit a pencil. I finished it off with brown binding sewn around the edges and made a loop at the flap to hook around an old button to fasten shut.

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