Sunday, October 30, 2011

Quickie for the Library

It has been a while since I hit the sewing machine and I've got so many things I want to do... but these things require time which I lack these days. So in a window of opportunity, I jumped on the machine and whizzed up what I planned on being a little girls skirt, which actually turned out to be a library bag (after realising I needed a wider piece of material for a skirt). Nevermind. I learned that I can infact sew whilst breastfeeding and that it is possible to make something decent from scratch in 10 minutes out of scraps. Our trip to the library may be slightly more exciting this week.

You probably don't need instructions for this one but just incase...

Cut two equal rectangles of material (large enough to fit a large book in). Pin rectangles together, print facing in, sewing three sides together. Fold fourth side twice, iron flat and then sew neatly. Attach two equal lengths of bias binding at the top, 6cm from each side of the bag and at least 2cm deep or equal to the hem. Sew a square to secure in place and for extra strength. Turn inside out.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rainbow Fish

  We have been reading The Rainbow Fish at home and decided to make some big, cardboard fish for craft.   I used an old cereal box to draw some large fish and the girls coloured them in and cut them out.

The kids used good quality chalk pastels. I found that my two year old loved these because she was able to use her hands to rub and smudge which she loved. We used heaps of bright colours as a base, smudging the chalk to create an even layer and then went over in darker colours with lines and patterns. 

We then sealed the chalk so it would not smudge any more. You can use an artists spray on fixitive or just use hairspray as we did. We cut them out and stuck them on the wall, they could similarly be hung as a mobile.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Springtime Mobile

We have been learning about Springtime at home. This craft activity was a great way to celebrate Spring. It also got the kids to go outside and explore, to gather materials in nature as well as paint and construct.

Go for a walk, gather natural materials from outdoors such as flower petals, colourful leaves etc. Cut out a circle in the centre of a paper plate. Cut out two slightly larger circles of clear contact. Paint or decorate the paper plate and then place one circle of contact on the back of the plate so that the sticky side is facing upwards. Place the gathered materials on the contact and cover with the other piece of contact. To finish, punch a hole on one side, tie string through it and hang.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sunshine, Paper and Paint.

Nothing beats a big roll of paper, lots of brightly coloured paint and plenty of sunshine. The girls got out last week in the sunny weather and had a big paint session. We got messy and had lots of fun. 
I really enjoy watching kids paint. Some of us paint with our hearts, some of us paint with our heads. I am so fascinated by the many ways in which they paint. Poppy is precise, focussing on colour mixing and making shapes and pictures. Ruby, on the other hand, is engaged with the medium and its texture, splashing, swirling, rubbing and dipping. I always get inspired in my own art by all the techniques used and the passion and enthusiasm with which it is executed.