Thursday, July 21, 2011

Baby Bunting

Here's my baby playing with the bunting we just sewed. This was inspired by my craft group friends, and was just what I needed to push me back into my crafty mode. Meaning: it's super easy with great results. Anyone can make it.

The way I made these ones was I chose 3 different patterned materials to complement each other, traced a triangle with two equal sides onto tracing paper (to ensure the triangle is even, fold in half), allow 1 cm seem allowance when cutting out. I cut out around 24 triangles (12 lots of triangles folded over right side facing in). Sew 2 bottom sides, turn right side out, space evenly along a 3 m piece of binding, fold over and sew. The end. Should take an hour give or take.

These flags come in handy for decorating a room. I rather like to use them for decorations at a kids birthday, you can reuse them year after year and they look great hanging from a tree at the park to define your "party space". hehe.

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  1. bunting is so great... i will have to make some out of paper instead ;)