Sunday, October 30, 2011

Quickie for the Library

It has been a while since I hit the sewing machine and I've got so many things I want to do... but these things require time which I lack these days. So in a window of opportunity, I jumped on the machine and whizzed up what I planned on being a little girls skirt, which actually turned out to be a library bag (after realising I needed a wider piece of material for a skirt). Nevermind. I learned that I can infact sew whilst breastfeeding and that it is possible to make something decent from scratch in 10 minutes out of scraps. Our trip to the library may be slightly more exciting this week.

You probably don't need instructions for this one but just incase...

Cut two equal rectangles of material (large enough to fit a large book in). Pin rectangles together, print facing in, sewing three sides together. Fold fourth side twice, iron flat and then sew neatly. Attach two equal lengths of bias binding at the top, 6cm from each side of the bag and at least 2cm deep or equal to the hem. Sew a square to secure in place and for extra strength. Turn inside out.

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