Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Love

Today I am grateful for...
*all the help I can get, my hard-working hubby who always thinks of me and gives me time to be alone and recharge... sew.
*no one drawing attention to the 3 or 4 baskets of washing waiting to be folded for the last week.
*play dates and park meets with so many kids this week, new friends and old.
*the school holidays, time to escape again.
*the mornings a spent drawing and painting with my girls this week.
*the generosity of others, I feel so blessed when others give so freely of themselves, I only hope I can do the same.
*my big girl Poppy who became a real encourager this week
*my little Ruby who completed her potty chart today and is now officially trained
*my baby boy Angus who learned to dance this week - heart melts every time!
I am a lucky girl indeed!
I hope you have all had a lovely Friday and have a fantastic Easter break. x

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