Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Love

So much has happened while I've been away. About a month ago my computer just stopped working so I took the opportunity to take some time off. I have been thinking about what I do here at Krafty Guts, How much I love to share creative projects and document the things my children and I do but much more, how I have so much opportunity to connect with so many other creative people in cyber space and have been inspired and challenged and above all, encouraged by the journey and the process. I really do enjoy it. So now I am dreaming of something even bigger... its gonna take more time more effort and more creativity so in the meantime I am going to stop and reflect and be grateful for now (and pray for a fancy computer to fall into my lap, I feel naked without photos on here...)

 I am grateful for...
*A computer on loan from Mum and Dad
*Sleeping children
*A great day with my sister
*A quiet car trip to listen to my own music instead of Justine Clark on repeat! no offence Justine...
*Two weeks shared with my husband and kids
*Peeps who believe in me and encourage me
*Mums who inspire me so with strength when times are tough, with love when they seem all loved out.
*kids who challenge me and make me want to be a better me
*moments when I turn to mush: a giant leap-into-your-arms cuddle from Angus, a joyous belowing angelic mash-up song of all her favourite tunes from Ruby or a loud, unrestrained squeel of delight from Poppy.
I hope you too, have so much to delight in tonight. x

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