Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Love

Today I am grateful for...

*A baby that reaches for me for comfort when he needs it.
*The screams of delight when my girls are playing in the playground at the bookstore.
*The wonderful friends, both old and new, that I am surrounded by who encourage me and inspire me.
*The gorgeous kids who come to visit.
*The family we spent the weekend with and the country escape that always brings peace to our busy lives.
*My girls whom I'm so proud of, who are always surprising me with their energy, joy and love of life.
*The warmth inside a cosy house on a cold night
*The shouts of joy when our song plays on the radio and the dancing and singing, with all the excitement of sharing the same love of music, that follows.
*Hearing my kids make up their own lyrics to the songs!
*New pillows
*A room to hide the piles and piles of washing in
*Having all I need and much, much more.


  1. Life is extremely good from time to time, isn't it?

  2. Very good! It's so important to stop and appreciate it all though. I tend to miss things when I don't reflect.