Wednesday, May 30, 2012

$10 Worth of Faith

A stranger gave me $10 yesterday. I know it sounds silly but that $10 was worth more than it could buy that day. I was feeling pretty sorry for myself. I'm pretty sure everyone feels like this at one time or another and these last few weeks, it has been my turn. Wearing your heart on your sleeve all the time is painful, trying to love the people around me and connect with others only to face a brick wall all the time. Just being a loving parent and being strong has lately been very challenging. As I looked around, I could see the balls dropping around me. Yesterday, at Poppy's swimming lesson, I broke the bad news to the girls that not only had we shown up on the wrong day and that I had forgotten my daughters change of clothes but I had left my wallet at home and we couldn't get a milkshake from the coffee shop, which the girls had been looking forward to all morning. I had no idea at the time that someone had been listening to me and as we left the change room she slipped the money into my hand and told me to buy my girls a drink. She would not take no for an answer. The tears welled in my eyes as she left and I realised this is what I had been waiting for, someone like this to restore my faith in people. A small act of love suddenly made me feel as though me and my children were not an inconvenience, we were appreciated. That someone wanted to build us up and not watch us fail. That someone did not expect anything in return just for us to have a little piece of joy that we might have missed out on. The world was not going to end if the kids did not get a milkshake. The kids knew that and so did I, but this stranger gave me more than she might have realised when she handed me that money, she gave me faith to get through another day and plenty more to come.

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  1. There are many people like that here on this earth. Im glad she was in the right place at the right time to help restore that faith for you