Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Love

Today I am grateful for...
*Knowing how far I've come
*Realising I only have to take life one day at a time
*Moments of pure joy among screems and tantrums and spills.
*Good company and coffee (and a conversation when we can manage it)
*A husband who takes over childminding duties when I am hiding from my children...
*The 8 piles of washing that I no longer have to fold
*The way God orchestrates meetings, moments of revelation and words of wisdom when I trust Him
*So many women in my life whom I respect, who are honest about their struggles and their triumphs
*When nothing else seems to work for him, the peaceful night sky and a rocking chair to rock my baby to sleep
*A glass of wine and a good chat (or should I say, debrief) with my soul mate
*A nylon string guitar and time to myself to sing a few tunes

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