Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Make a Poof

Here's another quick craft project you could knock over in under half an hour. Cut out 2 equal circles (I traced around a large bowl and added 1cm hem allowance). Cut out a length of material in matching or contrasting pattern, approximately 30cm in width and the length is to worked out according to the size of your circle. Measure the diameter of your circle (from one side to the other through the centre) and multiply by 3.14 to get the approximate circumference of your circle and this will be the length that you cut your meterial plus at least 2cm for seem allowance. Sew the circle on each length of the rectangle ensureing outer sides are facing in. Turn inside out, stuff with plenty of filling and hand stitch the opening. Sit a kid on top like this one.

...oh and happy birthday beautiful Ruby! xxx


  1. I just made the poof for my daughter, she loves it, although mine does not look as good as yours. More like a tall tower, something to improve on next time I try. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. You're welcome, maybe you could turn it on its side to be a fancy pillow!