Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Oilcloth Apron

The aprons I created for my girls, Poppy and Ruby, were bleached beyond repair when I tried to get some stains out and ended up in the bin. So I've sewn some more indestructable aprons out of oil cloth and am hoping these will last a bit longer. This is another easy sewing project for beginners. Cut the apron shape from oil cloth (for an even shape fold lengthways and then open out). Get at least 2 meteres of bias binding. Sew a length on the short collar edge of the oil cloth and the bottom length of the oil cloth leaving two arm spaces without binding. Next sew a length of binding encasing both of the arm areas whilst leaving a loop wide enough for a little head to get through and at least 30cms on each side for ties at the back. Each end can then just be knotted.

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