Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lessons Learned in Mess

Painting with the girls is absolute Choas! There's shouting, dropping of things, requests, demands, glue in mouths, hair, spills, messes to wipe up and paint EVERYWHERE! These are the things I often remember before I get the paint out. But amongst the chaos, so many lessons are being learned; what does red and yellow and white make when mixed together? what will happen if i paint over this? or on that? or spread it with my hands?... or put it on my face? Also, is this ok that I am getting messy? Do I like the look or feel of this? Is this good?

I am learning too... I am learning that mess can be good, choas can be healthy, staying calm can let my kids know that this is good, this is fun and there are no rules here! I'm also learning to let go and just watch. Even though I want to get involved and I have my own ideas of what should go where and what colours would look great, I have to keep my mouth shut. This is not my artwork and my values may not be theirs, I am only assistant to the artists providing the tools (I imagine this is true for most home education). I am so amazed, these kids are teaching themselves and growing more confident in their freedom! And I am learning new ways to do things too by just watching.

And here I am again, surprised and inspired by the creativity and originality of my own children! Never mind the mess!


  1. Love these. We have been trying to do annual paintings, but my son isn't really in to it!!

    A mixed media collage may be more up his alley though, thanks for the idea :-)