Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Poppy's Work Space

I am so amazed at how kids want to learn and how they WILL learn no matter what. I had little to do with this situation but I love the place that we're at.

The other day, Poppy decided to set up her own work space (under no influence from me). So I got the small table and chair we had just painted and made it into a desk. She put it in her room and set it up with tins full of pens and a basket full of exercise books and sat down to draw. Today she was in there again, she announced, "Ok, now I'm going to do some work," and off she went. I gave her one task, to draw her favourite place. It was Australia Zoo so she drew all the animals she saw and added some text, I wrote the names of the animals and she practiced writing them herself. 

I am amazed. Poppy is, by her own will and initiative, teaching herself and forming her own patterns and rituals, with little direction from me. And this coincides with the beginning of the school term, in which Poppy would be starting kindergarten. My mind is at ease now. How wonderful it is watching her grow and learn here in our home.

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  1. Such a clever girl. Its great how they play and learn by what they see around them