Thursday, January 5, 2012

Simple Summer Shorts

These shorts are real easy to make. All you need is 1/2 meter of material, some elastic and a pair of baby shorts to trace around.

Trace around one panel of the shorts, be sure to stretch out the waist line.
Add 1cm at the bottom leg and 2cm at the waist for hems plus 1/2cm around entire panel.
Fold material in half and then half again until you have a rectangle this size 4 layers thick.
Cut out the pattern and pin it to your material
Cut out the material and separate two lots of panels that face in and pin these together.

Sew 1/2cm in from the waist to the crotch line on both lots
Open out and place the now two pieces together and pin.
Sew 1/2cm in at both sides and then pin the crotch and sew.
Zig zag stitch the edges and the sew a 1cm hem for both pant legs.
Fold and sew 1 1/2cm hom for the waist allowing 2cm opening to thread the elastic through
Measure your babies waist line and cut a piece of elastic to this length
Thread through opening at waist and then sew 1cm of overlapping elastic.

Sew shut and then turn right side out.

These make a nice light weight short for summer but can be altered very easily to be long pants or heavier track pants for colder weather. I used 1/2 m of cotton material on sale so it cost me around $3 but you could also recycle old pants or shirts or even sheets.

Happy sewing! x

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